Questions for Tue, Aug 11th  (Luke 2)

Luke 2

1.) What did Caesar Augustus command to have done?

A census should be done of the Roman world

2.) Where did Joseph have to take his family to be registered?


3.) Why is Bethlehem called the town of David?

That is where he was born

4.) Why does verse 7 say her firstborn son?

Because by the time of Luke's writing she had four other sons.

5.) What event happened to some local shepherds in the field?

Angels appeared to them and they were told that the promised Messiah had been born

6.) What happened on the eighth day?

He was circumcised and given the name Jesus

7.) When and where did Joseph and Mary take Jesus and for what purpose? (Lev. 12:2-8)

To Jerusalem to offer the needed sacrifices to consecrate a first born son.

8.) What is the consolation of Israel?

vs. 38 the consoling or redemption of Israel.

9.) What had Simeon been promised through the Spirit?

That he would not die until he saw the coming Messiah

10.) What do you suppose Simeon is forewarning when he tells Mary that a sword will pierce her soul?

Her great sadness when Jesus would be crucified

11.) Who was Anna and what was her story?

She was a very old prophetess and had been a widow for 84 years who never left the temple.

12.) Every year during Jesus's childhood where did his family go and for what purpose?

They went to Jerusalem for the Passover.

13.) When Jesus was 12 years old what happened when they visited Jerusalem?

They left Him there accidentally. He was in the temple conversing with the teachers of the Law.

14.) What were the first words of Jesus that we have recorded?

Why were you looking for me? Didn't you know I had to be in my Father's house? Some translations think it means, "about my Father's business"

15.) What was the name of Jesus's hometown?