Questions for Thu, Aug 13th  (Luke 4)

Luke 4

1.) How many days was Jesus tempted by Satan?

40 days

2.) What did Jesus use to answer all three times?

The Word of God as His sword. Specifically, the book of Deuteronomy.

3.) What did He do in the synagogue at Nazareth?

He read from Isaiah 61 about Himself.

4.) What did the Nazareth people want Jesus to do when they said, Heal yourself?

They wanted Him to do miracles

5.) What old testament examples did Jesus give them?

Elijah didn't save every widow and Elisha didn't save every leper.

6.) What did they try to do Him because of his words?

Throw Him over the cliff.

7.) Where did Jesus go next and what did He do there?

To Capernaum to preach in the synagogue.

8.) Who did Jesus heal next?

A demon possessed man, Peter's mother-in-law and many others of various sicknesses

9.) What did Jesus not let the demons keep yelling out and why?

Even though the demons knew who He was and kept calling Him the Holy One of God and the Christ, Jesus didn't want demons to be the ones testifying to this in front of the people.