Questions for Thu, Aug 20th  (Luke 11)

Luke 11

1.) What did the disciples ask Jesus to teach them how to do?

How to pray

2.) Does God lead us into temptation? (James 1:13)

No, we are tempted when our own evil desires lead us away. However we can pray for God to help us fight our temptations.

3.) How are we to be like the man in the parable when we pray?

To be bold and continue asking and be confident that you will be helped.

4.) What are good gifts and what are bad?

Fish and eggs are good. Snakes and scorpions are bad. Things that give life are good and things that bring death are bad.

5.) After Jesus cast out the demon how did people say He was doing it?

That He was working for the devil and using his power.

6.) How did Jesus answer this accusation?

The devil would not fight against himself.

7.) Who is the strong man and who is the stronger man in the parable?

The strong man is the devil. The stronger man is Jesus.

8.) Why can the evil spirit return once it was cast out?

It was empty and not filled with something good.

9.) What did a woman in the crowd yell out?

Blessed is your mother!

10.) How did Jesus reply?

More blessed is anyone that hears the Word of God and obeys it.

11.) What was the only sign given to the wicked generation?

As Jonah was in the whale 3 days so Jesus would be buried for 3 days.

12.) What is the "lamp of your body"?

Your eye.

13.) What bad things did Jesus list about the Pharisees and the experts in the Law?

They neglect justice and the love of God and are full of pride. They burden people with their traditions.They took away people's knowledge.