Questions for Fri, Aug 21st  (Luke 12)

Luke 12

1.) What was the yeast of the Pharisees?

The Pharisees hypocrisy

2.) Who should we fear and who should we not fear?

Fear who can throw you into hell not the one who can kill your body.

3.) Does God care more for us or animals?

He cares more for man who was created in His image.

4.) What was unforgivable?

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

5.) What did a man tell Jesus to do?

To make his brother share the inheritance with him.

6.) What did Jesus warn about this?

To not be greedy. A man's life is not defined by his possessions.

7.) What advice does Jesus give about living our lives?

To not be anxious and greedy. To be content in what you have and give to others. Always seek the kingdom first.

8.) Where is your treasure?

Hopefully, being stored up in heaven.

9.) When will Jesus return?

At an hour when we least expect Him.

10.) What is expected of those who are given much?

Much will be expected.

11.) What baptism does Jesus have to undergo?

A baptism of suffering and death.

12.) How does Jesus bring division within our families?

Some family will believe and become part of or remain in the kingdom and others will cling to the world.