Questions for Sat, Aug 22nd  (Luke 13)

Luke 13

1.) What had happened to the Galileans?

Sounds as if Pilate killed them while they were offering sacrifices.

2.) What had happened to the eighteen?

The tower of Siloam fell on them and killed them.

3.) The point of these two stories is that we don't know when we will meet our end so we should _________ of our sins.

Repent and be ready.

4.) How long had the fig tree not produced?

Three years

5.) What if the fig tree failed its last opportunity?

It would be cut down

6.) What was wrong with the woman that Jesus healed?

She was crippled and hunched over

7.) What did the synagogue ruler complain about?

That Jesus had healed on the Sabbath

8.) What analogy does Jesus use to the hypocrites?

That they untie their farm animals and lead them to water.

9.) What two things did Jesus compare the kingdom?

The mustard seed and yeast in dough, that will grow and spread

10.) What did the people ask Jesus?

If only a few people would be saved.

11.) What did Jesus say on this topic?

To make every effort to enter the narrow door because only few will enter.

12.) Why did the people tell Jesus to go away?

Because Herod was looking to kill Him

13.) Where was Jesus planning to go and fulfill?

Jerusalem to suffer and die for the sins of the people

14.) What was the dire warning to Jerusalem?

That they needed to repent or judgement would be coming upon them.