Questions for Tue, Aug 25th  (Luke 16)

Luke 16

1.) What is the meaning of this parable?

That if we thought as much about spiritual treasure as the world does about their worldly treasure we would be more spiritually wealthy.

2.) Are we supposed to buy our friends?

No, but we should use our worldly wealth for the betterment of others

3.) What are the two masters?

God and money

4.) Where did the rich man and Lazarus go when they died?

Hades, the waiting place of all the dead. The rich man was in a place of torment but could see Lazarus in Abraham's Bosom or Paradise.

5.) What separated the two places?

A great chasm where no one can cross either way.

6.) What did the rich man ask Father Abraham the first time?

He asked for Lazarus to come over and touch his tongue with some water on the tip of his finger.

7.) What did he ask Father Abraham the second time?

To send Lazarus back and warn his 5 brothers.

8.) Would Lazarus rising from the dead convince anyone?

Abraham said they would not be convinced even if someone raised from the dead.

9.) Did Jesus raise a "Lazarus" from the dead?

Yes, the account is only found in John 11

10.) Did it convince the Pharisees?

No, Abraham was right. As a matter of fact, they plotted to kill Lazarus at the same time as Jesus because many people were following Jesus because He had raised Lazarus from the dead. John 12:10-11