Questions for Wed, Aug 26th  (Luke 17)

Luke 17

1.) Who does Jesus warn?

Do not be the cause of people sinning.

2.) How are we to forgive?

Our repenting brethren.

3.) What did the disciples tell Jesus to do?

Increase our faith!

4.) What is the warning in verses 7-10?

We shouldn't think that our good deeds towards others make us great. We should always remember that we were lost in our sin when Jesus saved us. It is simply our duty to be obedient and kind to others.

5.) Who came to Jesus?

10 lepers

6.) What did Jesus tell them to do and what happened to them on the way?

He told them to show themselves to the priests and on the way they were healed.

7.) Who was the only leper to turn back?

A Samaritan, who the Jews held in low esteem.

8.) Where is the kingdom of God?

It is within us. The church is the people, not a physical place.

9.) What two examples did Jesus give of how it will be on his return?

As in the days of Noah when the flood came and in the days of Lot when the fire came.