Questions for Sat, Jan 25th  (Matt 28)

Matt 28

1.) What day of the week did Jesus resurrect?

Sunday morning

2.) What happened and who saw it?

The guards placed there to keep the disciples from stealing His body.

3.) Where did the angel say Jesus had gone?

To Galilee as he had told them.

4.) Who did the woman run into on the way to tell the disciples?

Jesus, the risen Savior.

5.) When some of the guards told the chief priests about what had happened what story did they devise?

The guards were paid money to say that while they were sleeping the disciples came and stole Jesus's body.

6.) Why did the disciples go to Galilee? (Matt. 26:32)

He had told them where to go.

7.) Why had all authority been given to Jesus? (Ephesians 1:19-23)

Because he had sacrificed himself and was resurrected.

8.) What did Jesus command his disciples to go out and do?

Make more disciples by immersing them in water.