Questions for Fri, Aug 28th  (Luke 19)

Luke 19

1.) Why did Zacchaeus climb the tree?

Because he was short and wanted to see Jesus over the crowd.

2.) What did Zacchaeus do that was right?

He gave half of his possessions to the poor and promised to pay back four times the amount if he cheated anyone.

3.) When did the people think that the kingdom of God was coming?

They thought it was going to appear immediately.

4.) What parable did Jesus tell?

The parable of the 10 minas.

5.) What does Jesus expect out of us?

He expects us to work for Him while He is away.

6.) What did Jesus send two disciples to retrieve?

The colt of a donkey.

7.) Jesus said that if my followers don't praise me what will?

The rocks will cry out!

8.) Why did Jesus weep?

Because he knew Jerusalem would be destroyed and he loved the people.

9.) What did Jesus do in the temple?

He drove out those who were selling within the temple.