Questions for Fri, Sep 4th  (John 2)

John 2

1.) To what event and to what town was Jesus invited?

He was invited to a wedding in Cana?

2.) What did Mary tell Jesus?

To solve their problem of no more wine?

3.) How did Jesus respond?

His time had not yet come.

4.) What miracle did Jesus perform?

He turned water into wondrous wine.

5.) How did the wine compare to the wine they had been drinking?

It was the best wine they had.

6.) Where did they stay for a few days?

They went to Capernaum

7.) Where did they go next and why?

They went to Jerusalem for the Passover.

8.) What did Jesus do there?

He cleaned house.

9.) What did the Jews ask and what was Jesus's answer?

Give us a sign to prove your authority. He said destroy this temple and I will raise it again in 3 days.

10.) How long had Herod been working on the temple?

Forty-six years.

11.) What temple was Jesus referring to?

Jesus was referring to the temple of His body.