Questions for Sat, Sep 5th  (John 3)

John 3

1.) Who came to see Jesus and when?

Nicodemus came to see Jesus by night.

2.) What is the name of the council that he was apart of?

The Sanhedrin

3.) What did Nicodemus think born again meant?

A physical birth.

4.) What does born again mean?

Water immersion and receiving the Holy Spirit

5.) What did Jesus mean when he said He would be lifted up like the snake in the desert?

He would be crucified and like the brass serpent that the children of Israel looked upon He would give life.

6.) Why did God send Jesus?

To save the world.

7.) Why do evil people hate the light?

It will expose the evil they are doing.

8.) What did Jesus and his disciples go into the countryside to do?

To baptize people.

9.) Who else was baptizing?

John the Baptism

10.) How did a certain Jew try to drive a wedge between John and Jesus?

He is baptizing and everyone is going to Him instead.

11.) How did John humbly answer this question?

Verses 27-30 are beautiful words of a humble and joyous man.

12.) Whoever has the Son has what?

Eternal life