Questions for Wed, Sep 9th  (John 7)

John 7

1.) Who spoke to Jesus and what did they want Him to do?

Jesus's brothers told Him to go to Jerusalem.

2.) How did Jesus respond?

The time of His death had not yet come.

3.) What did Jesus do secretly?

He went to the feast in Jerusalem.

4.) What was the gossip going around?

Whether Jesus was a good man or deceiving the people.

5.) What were the Jews amazed about?

They were amazed at His teaching.

6.) If you choose to do God's will what will you do?

You will research for yourself if the words of Jesus were true.

7.) What did Jesus ask the Jews?

Why are you trying to kill me?

8.) What did they accuse Him of being?

That He was demon-possessed.

9.) What argument did Jesus make about the Sabbath?

That they cirumcised on the Sabbath but were mad about Jesus healing the whole man.

10.) Could they seize Jesus?

They could not because it was not time for His death. God is in control.

11.) What did Jesus mean by "Where I am, you cannot come"

When He ascends back to God they would have to stay on the Earth.

12.) What were the streams of living water?

The Holy Spirit which would later be sent to those who believe.

13.) Apparently the Jews thought Jesus was always from Nazareth and didn't know that he was born where? (Micah 5:2)


14.) Why didn't the temple guards arrest Jesus?

They were also amazed by His teaching.

15.) The Pharisees responded,"Do you see any of the Council believing in Him? What is the answer to that question?

Actually both Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, both Council members believed in Him.

16.) What rhetorical question did Nicodemus ask?

Standing up for Jesus and being from Galilee also.

17.) What did they accuse Nicodemus of?