Questions for Sun, Sep 13th  (John 11)

John 11

1.) Who became sick and who called for Jesus?

Lazarus became sick so his sisters called for Jesus.

2.) How did Jesus feel about Mary, Martha and Lazarus?

He loved all of them.

3.) Did Jesus go to Bethany immediately?

He did not go there for two days.

4.) When Jesus decided to go back to Judea, what did his disciples warn Him?

That those in Jerusalem are wanting to kill Him.

5.) In a way, the disciples asked Jesus if He could clearly see what he was going to do. What was Jesus's response?

He was walking by the light.

6.) What did Jesus say about Lazarus and what did He mean?

He said Lazarus had fallen asleep but He meant that he had died.

7.) What great statement of faith was made by Thomas and how does this compare to John 20:24?

That he was willing to die with Jesus.

8.) How many days had Lazarus been in the tomb when Jesus arrived?

Four days.

9.) What did Jesus say to Martha and what did she think it meant?

That Lazarus would rise again and Martha thought it meant in the judgement day.

10.) What was it that moved Jesus to tears?

When He saw everyone weeping.

11.) What did Jesus command them to do?

To take away the stone.

12.) Who did Jesus acknowledge in front of the people as the source of His power?

The Father God.

13.) Many people believed but some went and told who?

They went and told the Pharisees.

14.) What were the Pharisees worried about?

That if everyone believes Jesus then the Romans would come and take away their power.

15.) What unscrupulous idea did Caiaphas have that in actuality was a prophecy?

That Jesus would die for the people.

16.) Where did Jesus withdraw to?

To a village called Ephraim.

17.) What event was soon to take place in Jerusalem and who was looking for Jesus and for what purpose?

The Passover. The Pharisees were looking to arrest Him if He showed up.