Questions for Tue, Sep 15th  (John 13)

John 13

1.) In verse 3 what does it say that Jesus knew?

He knew all authority had been given to Him and that He would be returning to God.

2.) In verse 4 and 5 how did Jesus act with all his power?

He humbled himself and became a servant to those around Him.

3.) What did Peter try to stop Jesus from doing?

Washing his feet.

4.) To be part of Jesus you must be what?

You must be washed.

5.) What example did Jesus set forth?

Be a servant to others.

6.) What did Jesus say one of the disciples would do?

That one of them would betray Him.

7.) Who does John refer to as the disciple whom Jesus loved?


8.) How did Jesus show that Judas was the betrayer and what did He tell Judas to do?

He dipped a piece of bread and gave it to Judas.

9.) How will everyone know we are disciples of Jesus?

If we love one another.

10.) What did Peter say he would do for Jesus?

He would die for Jesus.

11.) What did Jesus say Peter would do to Jesus?

You will disown me three times before morning.