Questions for Mon, Sep 28th  (Acts 6)

Acts 6

1.) What was the difference between the Grecian and Hebraic Jews?

Grecian Jews mostly spoke Greek and were Jews that had been dispersed away from Jerusalem. Hebraic Jews would have spoken Aramaic and were born and raised in the Judean area around Jerusalem.

2.) What complaint did the Grecian Jews have?

Their widows were being neglected by the church.

3.) How did the apostles solve the problem?

They appointed 7 men who were full of faith and the Holy Spirit to be in charge of the matter.

4.) What were the names of the seven chosen?

Philip, Procorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, Nicolas and Stephen.

5.) A large number of who became obedient to the faith?

A large number of priests became obedient.

6.) What was the description of Stephen?

Synagogue of the Freedmen. Jews or descendents of Jews that had been freed from Roman slavery and who were very tenacious in their Judaism.

7.) What group of people opposed Stephen?

They could not stand up against the wisdom of the Holy Spirit that was within Stephen.

8.) How did they do in their debate with Stephen?

That Jesus of Nazareth would destroy the temple and change the customs of the old law.

9.) What things did the Council accuse Stephen of saying?

He had the face of an angel.

10.) What did Stephen look like when he was before the Council?