Questions for Fri, Oct 2nd  (Acts 10)

Acts 10

1.) Who lived in Caesarea and what is the description of this man?

Cornelius, a centurion, who was devout, God-fearing and gave generously to the poor.

2.) Who appeared to Cornelius and what did he tell him to do?

An angel appeared and told him to send men to Joppa to bring back Simon Peter.

3.) What time the following day did Peter have a vision?

At noon the following day.

4.) What was in the vision and what was Peter told to do?

Three times a large sheet was let down with all sorts of animals and Peter was told to kill and eat.

5.) How did Peter respond?

He wouldn't because he had never eaten anything unclean.

6.) What did the voice say to Peter about the unclean animals?

That God was now calling them clean so it was ok to eat them.

7.) How many things in Peter's life have happened in threes???

3 denials, Do you love me 3 times, 3 drop downs of the sheet,.

8.) The Spirit told Simon that how many men were looking for him?


9.) What did the men tell Peter?

They asked Peter to come to his house to see what Peter had to say.

10.) What did Cornelius do when he saw Peter?

He fell down at Peter's feet.

11.) What did Peter say to Cornelius?

To stand up because he was just a man as well.

12.) What did Peter tell the Gentiles about Jewish beliefs about Gentiles and why was Peter violating that law?

Against the law to associate or visit a Gentile in their house, but he realized what the vision was about so he visited Cornelius without reservation.

13.) What did Peter realize and what history did he begin to preach?

That God was accepting the Gentiles so he began to preach about the history of Jesus.

14.) While Peter was speaking what came on the Gentiles and why did it happen this way?

The Holy Spirit fell directly on them just like it did the apostles. This would prove that God was testifying that the Gentiles were also sanctified.

15.) Because the Holy Spirit had fallen upon the Gentiles this enabled Peter to not have any argument when he commanded them to do what?

He could order them to be baptized and the Jews wouldn't be able to argue against God.