Questions for Wed, Jan 29th  (Mark 5)

Mark 5

1.) What was the description of the man with the evil spirit?

Lived in the tombs and was very strong and cut himself with stones.

2.) What was the name of the spirit and what did that mean?

Legion, because there were many demons in the man.

3.) What is significant about letting the demons enter the pigs?

Pigs were considered unclean as were also demons.

4.) Why would Jews own pigs?

The owners could have been Gentiles. Most Jews probably wouldn't have owned pigs.

5.) What did the people plead for Jesus to do?

Leave their country.

6.) Who came to see Jesus and what did he ask?

A synagogue ruler named Jairus asked Him to heal his daughter.

7.) What did a woman do to Jesus as He passed?

Touched his clothing.

8.) Did Jesus's clothes heal the woman?

No, Jesus said her faith did.

9.) Which disciples did Jesus take with Him?

Peter, James and John.

10.) What did Jesus say that made the people stop crying and begin laughing?

That the child was not dead but just sleeping.

11.) What did Jesus say to the girl?

"Talitha, cumi," which is translated, "Little girl, I say to you, arise."

12.) How old was the girl?

12 years old.