Questions for Wed, Oct 7th  (Acts 15)

Acts 15

1.) What message were some of the brethren teaching?

That if you weren't circumcised you could not be saved.

2.) Who sharply disagreed with them?

Paul and Barnabus

3.) Who did Paul and Barnabus go to and discuss this teaching with?

They went to Jerusalem to discuss the matter with the apostles.

4.) How did Peter respond to this teaching?

He said that it was by the grace of the Lord Jesus that we are saved, not because of circumcision.

5.) Who spoke up next and what did he suggest as a compromise?

James, the Lord's brother said the Gentiles should just keep the basic tenants of the law to avoid idolatry and sexual immorality.

6.) Who did they choose to send with the letter to the Gentiles?

Judas and Silas along with Paul and Barnabus

7.) How did the Gentiles accept this message?

They were glad for the encouraging message

8.) What did Paul and Barnabus decide to do?

To back to visit all the churches they met on their first journey.

9.) What was the argument between Paul and Barnabus that made them go their separate ways?

They disagreed on whether to take John Mark.

10.) Did Barnabus do the right thing by taking John Mark? (2 Tim 4:11)

Yes, John Mark ended up being very valuable to Paul at the end of his life.

11.) Where did Barnabus and Mark go first?

They sailed for Cypress

12.) Where did Paul and Silas go and what did they do?

They went through Syria and Cilicia strengthening the churches.