Questions for Thu, Oct 8th  (Acts 16)

Acts 16

1.) On Paul's second missionary journey what two cities did they arrive at first?

Derbe and Lystra

2.) Who did Paul meet there and what was his family life like? (2 Timothy 1:5)

Timothy, his mother and grandmother were Jewish Christians but his father was a Gentile.

3.) What did Paul have done to Timothy and why?

He was circumcised because it would make Timothy more acceptable to the Jews.

4.) The Spirit didn't allow them to go where?

The province of Asia and Bithynia.

5.) When they reached Troas what vision did Paul have?

A vision of a Macedonian man calling for him to come help them.

6.) What was the Roman colony that they eventually arrived at?


7.) On the Sabbath who did Paul speak with?

They spoke to the women who had gathered to pray.

8.) Who did Paul meet and what was her occupation?

Lydia, a dealer in purple, who was from Thyatira.

9.) How does it say that she and her household responded to Paul's message?

They responded to the call by being immersed in water.

10.) What was the problem with the slave girl?

She was possessed with a spirit that would tell the future.

11.) If the spirit was saying true things why did Paul cast it out of her?

Because the testimony of demons is not what was needed.

12.) Why were the owners of the slave girl upset?

They lost their source of money.

13.) How were Paul and Silas punished?

They were stripped, severely flogged and thrown in prison.

14.) What were Paul and Silas doing at midnight?

Praying and singing hymns to God.

15.) What shook the prison and what happened to the prison doors and chains?

A violent earthquake opened the prison doors and everyone's chains fell off.

16.) What did the jailor almost do to himself?

Kill himself because he thought the prisoners escaped.

17.) What important question did the jailor ask Paul and Silas?

What must I do to be saved?

18.) What was the answer and what did the jailor and his family immediately do?

They had to believe in Jesus. Once the Word was preached to him and his family they accepted the gospel by being immersed in water.

19.) When it was daylight what was the jailor ordered to do?

He was ordered to release Paul and Silas.

20.) What did Paul and Silas tell them that they were which made them nervous?

They told them that they were Roman citizens.

21.) Where did they go once they were let out of jail?

They met in Lydia's house.