Questions for Sun, Oct 11th  (Acts 19)

Acts 19

1.) When Paul starts his third missionary journey where does he go first?

Paul went to Ephesus.

2.) What did the 12 men do again to make sure it was done right?

They were rebaptized.

3.) How long did Paul speak in the synagogues?

He spoke for 3 months in the synagogues.

4.) How long and where did Paul preach after this

For 2 years he spoke in the hall of Tyrannus.

5.) God worked through Paul with so much power that what happened?

Handkerchiefs and aprons that Paul touched were taken to the sick to heal them.

6.) What were the seven sons of Sceva doing and what happened to them?

They were trying to cast out demons, but one jumped on them and gave them a beating.

7.) Because of the seven sons of Sceva many sorcerers did what?

Many sorcerers burned their scrolls.

8.) While Paul stayed in Ephesus, who did he send to Macedonia?

He sent Timothy and Erastus to Macedonia.

9.) What was Demetrius's profession and what was he worried about?

Demetrius was a sliversmith and made idols so he was worried about Paul preaching against idols.

10.) Who did the Ephesians capture and take into the theatre?

They grabbed Gaius and Aristarchus.

11.) What were the people chanting?

Great is Artemis of the Ephesians.

12.) What did the city clerk explain to the people to get them to calm down and to leave?

He warned that they were all in danger of being charged with rioting.