Questions for Tue, Oct 13th  (Acts 21)

Acts 21

1.) How long did Paul stay with the brethren in Tyre?

Seven days

2.) What did they warn Paul?

Not to go to Jerusalem.

3.) Who did they stay with at Caesarea?

Philip the Evangelist

4.) What was unusual about Phillip's family?

He had four daughters that prophesied.

5.) What prophet showed up again and what did he demonstrate and prophesy?

Agabus and he prophesied that Paul would be bound and sent to prison.

6.) What did Paul say he was willing to do?

He was ready to die for the Lord.

7.) Whose house did they stay in before they went into Jerusalem?


8.) Who is this James?

The Lord's half-brother

9.) How did the brethren try to appease the Jews?

They had Paul partake in a sacrificial vow.

10.) Why did the Jews think Paul had taken a Gentile into the temple?

They had seen him with Trophimus earlier in the ctty

11.) Why did the people of Jerusalem stop beating Paul?

Because the Romans showed up

12.) Who did the commander think that Paul was?

An Egyptian terrorist

13.) What does "a citizen of no ordinary city" mean?

A citizen of Rome

14.) In what language did Paul speak to the Jews?