Questions for Wed, Oct 14th  (Acts 22)

Acts 22

1.) Who was Paul's teacher?


2.) What story did Paul tell?

He recounted the story of his conversion.

3.) Did Paul's companions understand what was said from the Light?

They saw the light but did not understand the voice.

4.) How did Ananias tell Paul his sins could be washed away?

To call on Jesus name and be baptized.

5.) What part of Paul's speech upset the Jews?

When he said the Lord has sent him to the Gentiles.

6.) What did Paul ask the centurion before he was flogged?

If it was legal for him to flog a Roman citizen who has not had a trial.

7.) How had the commander received his citizenship? and Paul?

He had paid for his citizenship and Paul was born a citizen.

8.) Who did the commander make Paul appear before?

He made Paul stand before the Sanhedrin.