Questions for Thu, Oct 15th  (Acts 23)

Acts 23

1.) Who was the high priest and what did he have ordered done to Paul?

Ananias ordered Paul to be struck in the mouth.

2.) What did Paul call him?

A whitewashed wall. Jesus had done the same thing. Matt 23:27

3.) What did Paul realize and how did he use this to his advantage?

There were Sadducees AND Pharisees present so he said he believed in the Resurrection so that a dispute would break out among them.

4.) Where did the Lord say Paul would be going?

The Lord said he would be going to Rome.

5.) What plot was created and how many people were involved?

40 men plotted to kill Paul.

6.) Who heard about this and told Paul?

Paul's nephew told him about the plot.

7.) How many people did the commander surround Paul with and to whom did he send Paul to?

472 men and he was sent to Governor Felix.

8.) How was Commander Lysias's letter not completely the whole truth?

He didn't rescue Paul. He almost had him flogged.

9.) Where was Paul kept prisoner?

Paul was kept under guard in Herod's palace.