Questions for Sat, Oct 17th  (Acts 26)

Acts 26

1.) What did Agrippa say to Paul?

He asked Paul to speak for himself.

2.) What did Paul say he was the strictest of?

Strictest of the Pharisees

3.) What main topic did Paul say the controversy was about?

The resurrection of the dead

4.) What things did the Lord tell Paul on the road to Damascus?

That the Gentiles were now sanctified and may also receive forgiveness of sins.

5.) What did Paul say would happen to the Christ?

That the Christ would suffer, die and be resurrected.

6.) What did Festus accuse Paul of being?

Out of his mind.

7.) What question did Paul ask Agrippa?

If he believed the prophets.

8.) What question did Agrippa ask Paul?

Do you think that you can so quickly persuade me to be a Christian?

9.) What did Paul pray and hope for?

He would pray that everyone listening would become Christians.

10.) What conclusion did Agrippa come to about Paul?

He believed Paul could have been set free if hadn't appealed to Caesar.