Questions for Sun, Oct 18th  (Acts 27)

Acts 27

1.) Who was Paul handed over to?

Julius, a centurion

2.) Who all was with Paul?

Aristarchus and Luke

3.) Where did they land the next day and where did Julius allow Paul to go?

Sidon and Paul was allowed to go see his friends

4.) Where did they change ships?

Myra in Lycia

5.) What advice did Paul give the men?

To put in for the winter because the trip would end badly

6.) Where did they plan to wait out the winter?


7.) What kind of a storm hit them?

A northeaster

8.) What did an angel of God tell Paul would happen?

The ship would wreck but no one would die.

9.) How many nights were they in the storm?

Two weeks.

10.) What was the difference in depth between the first and second soundings?

A 30 foot difference.

11.) What did some of the sailors try to do?

They tried to escape the ship by lowering a lifeboat.

12.) What did Paul tell them would happen if they left the boat?

That people would die if they tried to leave the boat.

13.) What did Paul do in front of all the men on board?

He gave thanks to God for the food in front of them all.

14.) How many were on the ship?


15.) What happened to the ship?

It ran into a sandbar.

16.) What did the soldiers plan to do and how was it stopped?

The soldiers wanted to kill the prisoners.

17.) How did everyone get to shore?

They either swam or floated on boards or pieces of the ship.