Questions for Tue, Oct 20th  (Rom 1)

Rom 1

1.) How was Paul called to be an apostle and set apart?

Acts 9:15, Jesus called him later and for the chosen purpose of preaching to the Gentiles.

2.) In human terms Jesus was the son of ________ but actually He was the Son of ___?

son of Man but actually he was the Son of God.

3.) Who did Paul write this letter to?

The brethren in Rome.

4.) What does Paul want to do at the time he wrote this letter?

He was hoping for an opening where he would be able to go to Rome and visit them.

5.) What does Paul want to give the Romans?

He wanted to impart to them some spiritual gifts.

6.) What was Paul not ashamed of and why?

He was not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.

7.) Why do men not have an excuse to not believe in God?

Because creation declares His existence.

8.) How can something invisible be clearly seen?

By the result or affect it has on things. Gravity, oxygen, wind and other things are invisible but are clearly seen by how they affect things. God is invisible but His creation is clearly seen and His love can be clearly felt.

9.) Instead of worshipping God what did the people make and worship?

Images made to look like mortal men and animals.

10.) People tend to worship what rather than what?

They worshipped created things rather than the Creator.

11.) What sin did some of the men and women commit and what is the due penalty for their perversion?

Sexual immorality. The wages of sin are death. Romans 6:23

12.) These people were so bad that they invented ways of doing what?

They invented ways of doing evil.

13.) They not only continue in those things but do what else?

They approve of others who practice them.