Questions for Fri, Oct 23rd  (Rom 5-6)

Rom 5-6

1.) Since we have been justified through faith what do we have?

A peace with God.

2.) What chain reaction does suffering start in our lives if we have faith?

Suffering produces perseverance which produces character which produces hope.

3.) How did God demonstrate his love for us?

While we were sinners Christ died for us.

4.) How did sin enter the world?

Through Adam and Eve's disobedience.

5.) Because sin entered the world what consequence of sin entered the world?

Death is the result of sin.

6.) Through Adam came death, whereas through Christ came ______


7.) Should we keep sinning since we are saved by grace?

Absolutely not.

8.) What was Paul and others baptized into and what should our new life be like?

We were baptized into his death and now should walk in obedience and righteousness.

9.) When you die what are you free from?

When we die we are free from sin.

10.) Our body should be an instrument of what?

We should be instruments of righteousness.

11.) Being a slave to sin leads to what?

Being slaves to sin leads to death.

12.) We should be slaves to what?

We have become slaves to righteousness.

13.) What are the wages or penalty of sin?

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus.