Questions for Sat, Oct 24th  (Rom 7)

Rom 7

1.) Who was Paul speaking to?

Those who knew the law.

2.) How long does the law have authority over us?

Until we accept Jesus and die to to sin.

3.) In the analogy who is represented by the husband who died and the new husband?

The old law which which was nailed to the cross and new we serve the new covenant through the Spirit.

4.) As children, when someone tells us we can't do something, more often than not what do we do?

We tend to have a desire to rebel.

5.) What war is constantly occurring within each one of us?

A war among our flesh and our spirit. The spirit wanting to do good but the flesh pulling us to do evil.

6.) Who saves us from our wretchedness?

Thanks be to God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.