Questions for Sun, Oct 25th  (Rom 8)

Rom 8

1.) What happened that changed the old law of death into a new law of life?

Jesus was our sin offering.

2.) How should we set our minds?

Set our minds on what the Spirit desires.

3.) How can we belong to Christ?

We must have the Spirit of Christ.

4.) What are we called if we are led by the Spirit of God?

We are called the sons of God.

5.) What does Abba mean?

It is Aramaic affectionate term for a father.

6.) What has been happening to God's creation?

It has been groaning. It is decaying from it's original perfection.

7.) Who intercedes for us and searches our hearts to tell God what we want to express?

The Holy Spirit.

8.) How was Christ the firstborn?

First to resurrect to NEVER die again.

9.) How were we predestined, called, justified and glorified?

The plan was prepared in advance to ANYONE who would heed the call of the Gospel. Although we are sinful, Christ paid the debt to satisfy the Judge so we have been justified. When we enter heaven we will be glorified with the glory that Christ received.

10.) Besides the Spirit, who also intercedes for us?

Jesus Christ is also interceding for us.

11.) What can separate us from the love of Christ?

Nothing, even if we remove ourselves from his salvation, he still loves us and hopes for our return.