Questions for Mon, Oct 26th  (Rom 9-10)

Rom 9-10

1.) Why did Paul have great sorrow?

Because so many Jews were not accepting Christ.

2.) What advantage did the Jews have?

They were given all of the stepping stones leading to Christ.

3.) Abraham and Isaac had other sons but what was the God-chosen lineage of the promise?

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

4.) What does "the older will serve the younger" refer to?

That Jacob was chosen over Esau to receive the blessing.

5.) Did God choose Esau and Pharaoh to be the way they were or did he choose them for a purpose because of the way they chose to be?

God can use evil people to do His will

6.) Who is the Potter and who is the clay?

The Potter is God and we are the clay.

7.) What pottery thought they were the good pottery and what pottery did they think the Potter should discard?

The Jews thought the Gentiles were bad clay.

8.) Who does the passage in Hosea refer to?

Prophecy that the Gentiles would become God's people.

9.) For what two reasons had the majority of the Jews not "attained righteousness"?

The tried to attain it through works rather than faith and they didn't recognize the Messiah.

10.) Who is the "stumbling stone" or the "rock that makes them fall"?

Jesus Christ our Lord.

11.) What was Paul's prayer for the Jews?

He prays that the Jews might be saved.

12.) What did Christ do to the old Jewish law?

He ended it and brought in a new law of faith.

13.) Jesus was a stumbling block for the Jews because they refused to believe that He came down from _______ and later refused to believe that he arose from the _______? (Deut 30:11-14)

He came down from heaven and raised from the dead.

14.) Which is true? Romans 10:13 or Matthew 7:21

They are both true. The one who calls upon the name of the Lord will be obedient to Jesus through baptism as we see in Acts 22:16

15.) How do we get faith?

Faith comes by reading and hearing the Word of we're glad you chose to spend some time in the Word today!