Questions for Thu, Oct 29th  (Rom 14-15)

Rom 14-15

1.) What are we to be careful about when dealing with weak brethren?

When dealing with non-salvational matters.

2.) If you regard a day as special, it should be devoted to who?

The Lord.

3.) In the end, who will give an account for our actions?

Each of us will give an account of himself to God.

4.) What should we be really careful not to do?

Do not put stumbling blocks in front of our brethren.

5.) We should make an effort to do things that lead to what?

Do things that lead to peace and mutual edification.

6.) Whatever we do we should not have what about doing it?

Questionable doubts.

7.) Are we here on earth to please ourselves?

No, we are to please and serve others.

8.) What spirit should we have in the church?

A spirit of unity amongst the brethren.

9.) Who is the "Root of Jesse"?

Jesus Christ. Root as mentioned in Ch. 11 and from Jesse because Jesus was in the lineage of David.

10.) Paul was convinced that the Romans were competent to do what?

They were competent to mutually edify one another in the church.

11.) Paul was a minister to who?

He was a preacher to the Gentiles.

12.) What was Paul's ambition?

He had a desire to preach the Gospel somewhere where Christ was not known.

13.) Paul planned to visit Rome on his way to where?

He wanted to preach in Spain and planned to stop in Rome on the way there.

14.) After reading Acts we know that Paul did get to travel to Rome but as a what?

He went to Rome as a prisoner in chains.

15.) Paul wrote this letter to the Romans probably from where when he was on his way to where? (Acts 19:21 & Acts 20:3)

Probably written from Greece (Corinth) before he was traveling back to Jerusalem.

16.) What was Paul carrying with him?

He was carrying monetary gifts from those in Macedonia and Achais.

17.) What was Paul worried about to where he was going and what did he ask the brethren in Rome to do for him?

He asked them to pray for him because of the unbelievers in Judea.