Questions for Fri, Oct 30th  (Rom 16)

Rom 16

1.) Apparently who delivered this letter to the Romans?

A sister named Phoebe.

2.) Phoebe was from what city that was only 9 miles from Corinth?


3.) What fellow workers were now back in Rome and what met in their house? (Acts 18:1-2)

Aquilla and Priscilla.

4.) Who was the first believer in Asia?


5.) Who were Andronicus and Junias?

They apparently were some of Paul's relatives.

6.) What were churches called in the New Testament?

The churches of Christ.

7.) Who did Paul warn about?

Stay away from people that cause divisions and put obstacles in front of the brethren.

8.) Who did Paul have write down the letter for him?


9.) In whose house did the church meet where Paul was staying? (1 Cor 1:14)


10.) Who was the city's director of public works?