Questions for Tue, Nov 3rd  (1 Cor 8-9)

1 Cor 8-9

1.) What does knowledge do and what does love do?

Knowledge puffs up but love builds up.

2.) How many true Gods are there?

There is no God but 1 God.

3.) Is eating food that had been earlier offered to idols a sinful thing?

Not unless you do it without regards to your brother.

4.) How can exercising your knowledge cause someone else to sin?

Because it might cause them to do something against their conscience that they think is wrong.

5.) What is it better to do in a situation like this?

Live your life as a sacrifice for others.

6.) Did the apostles have the right to receive compensation for their preaching?

Paul makes the argument that they could be compensated for the work they were doing.

7.) Which apostles apparently were married?

Sounds like all of them but specifically Peter.

8.) Which apostles had "side" jobs?

Barnabus and Paul worked on the side. Paul was a tent maker.

9.) Had Paul and Barnabus exercised their right for compensation?

No because they didn't want to inadertantly hinder the Gospel of Christ.

10.) Paul became a what to everyone he came in contact with?

He made himself a servant to everyone.

11.) How should we run our earthly race?

Striving for the reward.

12.) To what did Paul make his body a slave?

To Christ and others. Put your body in subjection and sacrifice your physical desires.