Questions for Thu, Nov 5th  (1 Cor 11)

1 Cor 11

1.) What is the hierarchy given in verse 3?


2.) Who should have short hair and who should have longer hair?

Men should have short hair and women should have longer hair.

3.) Why was woman created?

Woman was created to be a helper to man.

4.) In the church are man and woman independent of each other?

No, there is a mutually dependent relationship with each other that God established.

5.) How were they improperly partaking of the Lord's Supper?

They were treating it as a regular meal, eating at different times, some eating too much and some going hungry. It wasn't in fellowship discerning the Lord's body.

6.) What does the bread and fruit of the vine represent?

The bread represents the body of Christ and the cup represents the new covenant in His blood.

7.) How should we examine ourselves before partaking in the Lord's Table?

Examine yourself that you are discerning the Lord's death while you are partaking.

8.) What was happening that was causing them to be weak, sick and "falling asleep"?

They were not correctly discerning the Lord's body so God was exacting some judgements on people.