Questions for Sat, Feb 1st  (Mark 8)

Mark 8

1.) How many men were fed, with how much and how much remained?

4000 fed with 7 loaves and a few fish and 7 baskets were left over.

2.) Although Mark omits it, what was the only sign that the Pharisees were going to have?

The sign of Jonah, that He would be in the grave for 3 days.

3.) What does it mean, "beware the yeast of the Pharisees"?

The yeast represents the sin and false teaching that spreads.

4.) What did the disciples think Jesus was complaining about?

That they had not brought any bread.

5.) Why should they have known that Jesus was not complaining?

Because they had seen the miracles of 9000 people being fed by only 12 total loaves of bread.

6.) Why do you suppose Jesus healed the blind man in two stages of vision?

He is most likely using the miracle as a visual analogy to his disciples referring back to verse 18, where He says, "Do you have eyes and still not see?". Though called to be with Jesus and invested with the mysteries of the kingdom, the disciples are in need of a second touch. The second touch will be his death and resurrection which He talks about in Mark 9. Then in Mark 10 we have another blind man healed immediately because of his strong faith when he tells Jesus, "I want to see!"

7.) Recalling from Matthew, what does it mean Peter rebuked Jesus and why did Jesus rebuke him back?

Peter said that Jesus would NOT surely die, similar to what the devil said to Eve. Jesus rebuked him because he was just thinking of earthly life instead of eternal life.

8.) How do you lose your life for Jesus?

Sacrifice your earthly vanity (physical life) for spiritual riches (eternal life).