Questions for Tue, Nov 10th  (2 Cor 1-4)

2 Cor 1-4

1.) Who is Paul with when he writes this letter?


2.) How should we treat others?

Give each other comfort

3.) Where had they suffered hardships?

Province of Asia, specifically Ephesus

4.) What is Paul's boast?

Their conduct in the holiness and sincerity that are from God.

5.) All the promises God has made have come true or are ___ in Christ.


6.) In the name of Jesus Christ we say what?


7.) By what do we stand firm?

By faith we stand firm

8.) What did Paul say about his 1st letter?

That it was a letter of tough love and he didn't want them to be grieved by it but to know that it was out of love.

9.) Who in the church had caused great grief?

The man that had sinned that Paul instructed to put out of the assembly.

10.) Now, how was the church to treat this man?

His punishment had been exacted and brought repentance. Paul instructs them now to forgive and comfort him.

11.) Who did Paul want to see at Troas?


12.) What did Paul say many other preachers did?

Preached for money

13.) Who was Paul's "recommendation letter"?

The Corinthian church was their letter.

14.) What was his letter written on?

Written on Paul and Timothy's hearts.

15.) Who gives us our competence?

God gives us our competence.

16.) What was the ministry that brought death?

The old law.

17.) What did the face of Moses do over time and what does this represent?

The brightness of Moses' face faded and so eventually did the old law.

18.) Will the new glory fade away also?

The new glory will last for eternity.

19.) How are we to NOT be like Moses?

We should not put a veil over our face but let the world see Christ reflecting in us.

20.) How are we to set forth the truth?

Set forth the truth plainly.

21.) How can our message be veiled?

It is veiled when people fail to see its value and importance.

22.) What should we be in the darkness of the world?

A light reflecting Christ.

23.) What are the jars of clay?

Our earthly bodies.

24.) What should we constantly remember about Jesus?

That He was raised from the dead and so will we if are in Him.

25.) Although we all die we can have what?

Life in Jesus.

26.) Why should we not lose heart?

There is a reward of eternal life waiting for us.

27.) What should we fix our eyes on?

We fix our eyes on what is unseen. The eternal, spiritual and lovely things. Phil 4:8