Questions for Sat, Nov 14th  (2 Cor 11-12)

2 Cor 11-12

1.) Who is the wife of Christ?

The church is the bride of Christ.

2.) Who was deceived by the Serpent?


3.) What were the Corinthians easily putting up with?

They were putting up with false teachings.

4.) Paul didn't think he was inferior to who?

The other apostles.

5.) Did Paul receive some support from other churches?


6.) How does Satan present himself?

He appears as an angel of light.

7.) What persecution had Paul gone through?

Jailed, beaten, stoned, shipwrecked and many other dangers.

8.) How had Paul escaped Damascus?

Lowered in a basket from a window in the wall.

9.) What was the vision that Paul had seen?

Taken into heaven and shown wondrous things.

10.) To keep Paul humble what had he been given?

He was given a thorn in the flesh.

11.) How many times had Paul prayed about his weakness?

Three times he prayed to have it removed.

12.) Why did Paul delight in hardships?

Because they made him stronger.

13.) What are the marks of an apostle?

Signs, wonders and miracles.

14.) How many times had Paul visited the Corinthians?

He is going to visit them a third time.

15.) What was Paul's fear upon returning to Corinth?

That he will be grieved over all the people that have not repented from their sinful ways.