Questions for Sun, Feb 2nd  (Mark 9)

Mark 9

1.) When did the kingdom of God come with power?

The day of Pentecost

2.) Who went up the mountain with Jesus?

Peter, James and John

3.) Who appeared with Jesus?

Elijah and Moses

4.) What did God proclaim?

This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to Him!

5.) Who did Jesus mean by 'Elijah'?

John the Baptist

6.) What was wrong with the boy?

He had an evil spirit

7.) Did the father believe or not?

Not wholeheartedly. He still had some doubt.

8.) What were the disciples arguing about?

Which of them was the greatest.

9.) How do you become first?

Humble yourself to be last and the servant to everyone

10.) By whose name was the man driving out demons and where did he receive this power?

Jesus Christ. From the Holy Spirit through his faith.

11.) What did Jesus say about this?

If you're not against us you are for us.

12.) Salt is a symbol for perpetuity. Do we want to be salted with fire or salted with good?

Salted with good.