Questions for Mon, Nov 16th  (Gal 1-2)

Gal 1-2

1.) Who was Paul sent out by?

Jesus Christ and God the Father.

2.) Who is this letter written to?

The churches in Galatia.

3.) What had astonished Paul?

That they were so quickly turning to another Gospel.

4.) Even if who or what preaches a different gospel what should happen to them?

The apostles or angels should be eternally condemned for spreading false doctrines.

5.) What religions have been started by someone or an angel preaching a different gospel?

Most of them. Especially Islam and Mormonism.

6.) From whom did Paul receive the gospel?

Jesus Christ Himself.

7.) What kind of person had Paul been?

He persecuted the church and was zealous for Judaism.

8.) When did God set Paul apart for his purpose?

At his birth.

9.) What was Paul's purpose?

To go and preach to the Gentiles.

10.) Where did Paul go for a certain time before he talked to any apostles?

Immediately went to Arabia.

11.) How long was it before he left Damascus and went to Jerusalem?

Three years before he went to Jerusalem.

12.) Who did Paul stay with in Jerusalem and for how long?

He stayed with Peter for 15 days.

13.) Who was the only church leader that Paul saw?

James, the Lord's brother.

14.) Why did the churches in Judea praise God?

Because Paul had turned from persecuter of Christ to servant of Christ.

15.) How long was it before Paul went back to Jerusalem and who did he take with him?

14 years and he took Barnabus and Titus.

16.) Why did Paul go to Jerusalem?

Because some of the Jews were saying that to accept Christ you must be circumcised.

17.) What did Titus refuse to do?

Become circumcised.

18.) What does God judge?

The internal heart of man, not external appearances.

19.) Who was Peter the apostle to and who was Paul the apostle to?

Peter went to the Jews and Paul to the Gentiles.

20.) What did Peter and Barnabus do that upset Paul?

Didn't treat the Gentiles as equals when they were around the Jews.

21.) How are we justified?

We are justified by faith in Jesus Christ.

22.) What happened to our old self?

It was crucified with Christ.