Questions for Tue, Nov 17th  (Gal 3-4)

Gal 3-4

1.) What did Paul call the Galatians?

He called them foolish.

2.) What was the incorrect Galatian belief?

Continuing on relying on the law for their salvation.

3.) What promise was given to Abraham that included the Gentiles?

That ALL nations would be blessed through him.

4.) What Old Testament book says, "The just shall live by faith"?

Habakkuk 2:4.

5.) How many years after the promise to Abraham did the law come into being?

430 years later.

6.) What was the purpose of the law?

A schoolmaster teaching about sin until Jesus would come.

7.) The world is imprisoned by what?

A prisoner of sin.

8.) The law was put in charge to do what?

To lead us to Christ to be justified by faith.

9.) How do we become "sons and daughters of God"?

Through faith and baptism, we become children of God.

10.) How is the law and the coming of Christ like a child heir to an estate?

We were enslaved but Christ redeemed us so that we might also be called sons of God.

11.) What were the Galatians turning back to?

They were again relying on the law.

12.) What traditions were they specifically observing?

Various special days and feasts.

13.) When Paul first spoke to the Galatians what was wrong with him?

Some kind of an illness perhaps dealing with his eyes.

14.) What would the Galatians have done for Paul?

Torn out their very own eyes and given them to him.

15.) How was Paul in the pains of childbirth?

They were causing him pain because they were not fully developed in Christ.

16.) What does Sarah, Hagar and their two boys represent?

Hagar and Ishmael represent the old law but Sarah and Isaac represent the new promise.

17.) If we are in Christ are we like Isaac or Ishmael?

We are like Isaac, children of the promise.