Questions for Sun, Nov 22nd  (Eph 6)

Eph 6

1.) What command is given to children?

Obey your parents.

2.) What is the only commandment with a promise and what is that promise?

To honor your father and mother. The promise is that it may go well with you and to live a long life.

3.) What is the command to fathers?

Train your children in the way of the Lord.

4.) What is the command to slaves or employees?

Be obedient and work hard.

5.) What is the command to masters or employers?

Treat people who work for you well.

6.) What are we to put on to protect ourselves?

Put on the whole armor of God.

7.) What are the parts of the armor and what do they represent?

Belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, shoes of readiness, shield of faith, helmet of salvation.

8.) What is the weapon that Christians arm themselves with?

Sword of the Spirit.

9.) What does it mean that Paul was an ambassador in chains?

He was currently in prison in Rome.

10.) Who was Paul sending to Ephesus?