Questions for Mon, Feb 3rd  (Mark 10)

Mark 10

1.) Are people supposed to divorce each other?

No and God hates it. Malachi 2:16

2.) What exception mentioned in Matthew is not mentioned here?

Adultery Matt 5:32

3.) Does this law only apply to the man?

vs. 12 shows it goes both ways.

4.) How does the kingdom of God belong to people like little children?

Unconditional love, humility and pure joy over good gifts.

5.) What was the man's weakness?

His love of money and attachment to this physical world.

6.) What must happen to a camel to go through the eye of a needle?

It must give up it's life and be completely changed to make it through that narrow path.

7.) What is the reward for those that sacrifice things in this life for Jesus?

100 times more family and places to stay in this world but also persecutions.

8.) What did Jesus say would happen to Him in Jerusalem?

Persecution, death, burial and resurrection.

9.) What did Zebedee's boys ask of Jesus?

To be on His right and left in the kingdom.

10.) What is the cup or the baptism that Jesus refers to?

Persecution and death.

11.) Again, how do you become first?

To humble yourself by being last. Being a servant to others like Jesus.

12.) What was the name of the blind man that Jesus healed?


13.) What was Bartimaeus's faith based on?

Hearing and not by sight

14.) When Jesus said,"Go, your faith has healed you", which way did Bartimaeus go?

The only place he desired to go...following Jesus