Questions for Fri, Nov 27th  (1 Thess 3-4)

1 Thess 3-4

1.) On Paul's journey they had stayed by themselves at Athens and had sent who to the Thessalonicans?

They sent Timothy to encourage them.

2.) What was Paul's worry about them?

That the devil had tempted them and they had lost the faith.

3.) What report did Timothy bring?

He brought good news about their faith and love.

4.) They were instructed to live in order to please who?

Live in order to please God.

5.) What were they told to avoid?

Avoid sexual immorality.

6.) What were they told to do so more and more?

To love God's family.

7.) What should be our ambition on what kind of life to lead?

To lead a quiet life. Mind your own business and work with your hands.

8.) Why should we not mourn for our loved ones as others do?

Because we have a hope in something greater after death.

9.) What things will announce the coming of Christ?

A loud command, the voice of an archangel and a trumpet call of God.

10.) Who will rise first, the Christians who have already died or the Christian who are still living?

The Christians who have already died and those still living will be caught up with them in the air.