Questions for Tue, Dec 1st  (1 Tim 4-5)

1 Tim 4-5

1.) What does it say people will eventually do?

Some will abandon the faith.

2.) What are some things they will command people through their false religion?

Forbid people to marry and abstain from certain foods.

3.) What should we train ourselves to be?

Train yourselves to be godly.

4.) Why is godly training better than physical training?

It is good for the present life but also the heavenly life.

5.) What does Paul say about Timothy's youth?

Don't let anyone look down on you. Set an example.

6.) What was Timothy to devote himself to?

The public reading of Scripture, preaching and teaching.

7.) How much thought and work should we give to our spiritual lives?

Give ourselves wholly to our spiritual development.

8.) How should we treat older men, younger men, older women and younger women?

With respect and love.

9.) If a widow has children and grandchildren how should the widow be supported?

She should be supported by her family.

10.) What are we to God if we do not provide and care for our immediate family?

We are worse than an unbeliever.

11.) What are the qualifications for widows to be added to the church widow's list?

60+ years of age and known for good deeds and raising children.

12.) If a woman is widowed at a young age what did Paul recommend them to do and why?

Get married, have children and manage their homes.

13.) If a woman has a supportive family what are they to do and why?

Her family should support her so the church can help those who have no help.

14.) What does it mean that the elders are worthy of double honor?

Can be compensated monetarily for their work in the church.

15.) When can an accusation against an elder be brought up?

If it is brought by two or three witnesses.

16.) What did Paul tell Timothy to take because of his upset stomach?

To use a little wine.

17.) What does it mean that some sins reach the place of judgement ahead of them and some trail behind?

They are obvious and may cause some harm that others feel or see while some sins might only be exposed at the judgement.