Questions for Wed, Dec 2nd  (1 Tim 6)

1 Tim 6

1.) How should we treat our masters

With full respect.

2.) employers?

With even more respect because they are fellow believers.

3.) How is it different if our master

They are proud and conceited.

4.) employer is a believer?

Godliness with contentment.

5.) What does it say about people who teach false doctrines?

They fall into temptation and a trap.

6.) What is great gain?

Righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.

7.) What happens to many people who want to get rich?

Pontius Pilate.

8.) What should we pursue?

Put your hope in God rather than physical wealth.

9.) Who did Jesus confess that he was the Son of God to?

10.) We should put our hope in what rather than what?