Questions for Thu, Dec 3rd  (2 Timothy)

2 Timothy

1.) Who is this letter written to?


2.) Who taught Timothy about the faith?

Grandmother Lois and mother Eunice.

3.) Who had passed on the gift of the Holy Spirit to Timothy?

Paul laid hands on Timothy.

4.) Paul asked Timothy to join him in what?

Join Paul in suffering for the Gospel.

5.) What did all the brothers from Asia do?

They had deserted Paul.

6.) Who had given Paul much help?


7.) What does Paul say about a soldier?

A soldier wants to please his commanding officer.

8.) What does an athlete need to do?

Compete according to the rules.

9.) What does a farmer get?

The first share of his crops.

10.) What is the meaning of these three analogies?

Please God, obey the commands, reap and partake in the harvest.

11.) What was chained and what was not chained?

Paul was chained but God's word was free

12.) What will help us to be approved by God?

A workman who studies the Word.

13.) Who were some of the false teachers and what were they preaching?

Hymenaeus and Philetus who said the resurrection has already taken place.

14.) What should we cleanse ourselves from?

Ignoble purposes.

15.) The Lord's servant must not do what?

Quarrel with others.

16.) If someone does oppose the truth how should we instruct them?

Gently instruct them.

17.) How will people become in the last days?

Lovers of themselves rather than God.

18.) Who were Jannes and Jambres?

The Pharoah's magicians.

19.) Why won't these people get very far?

Their folly will be clear to everyone.

20.) What will happen in some form to everyone who tries to live a godly life?

You will be persecuted.

21.) How long had Timothy read the scriptures?

Since he was a child.

22.) What is the purpose of scripture?

They will make you wise about salvation and thoroughly equipped for all good works.

23.) What command did Paul give Timothy?

Preach the Word.

24.) A time is coming when men will do what?

Men will reject sound doctrine.

25.) Timothy was supposed to do the work of a what?

The work of an evangelist.

26.) What does the time of Paul's departure mean?

His impending death.

27.) Who was the only one with Paul?

Only Luke was with him.

28.) Who did Paul want Timothy to bring with him and why?

John Mark, because he is helpful in the ministry.

29.) What things did Paul want Timothy to bring to him?

His cloak, scrolls and parchments.

30.) Who had worked against Paul and Timothy?

Alexander, the metalworker.

31.) How did the Lord rescue Paul?

God delivered Paul from the lion's mouth.

32.) Who did Paul tell Timothy to greet?

Greet Priscilla and Aquila and the household of Onesiphorus.

33.) How soon did Paul want Timothy to get there?

Try to get here by winter.