Questions for Tue, Feb 4th  (Mark 11)

Mark 11

1.) What town did Jesus primarily reside in during the last week of his life?


2.) What did Jesus enter Jerusalem riding?

The colt of a donkey

3.) What did the people shout?

Hosanna in the highest

4.) Of what was the fig tree symbolic?

The Pharisees who were all show yet doing no good. This fig tree it seems from afar off had great promise with its early show of leaves but on closer scrutiny produced no fruit or maybe any beginnings of fruit.

5.) What did Jesus accuse the people of turning the temple into?

A den of thieves

6.) What did the chief priests and elders plan to do?

They planned to try to kill Him

7.) What does Jesus say we should do about things we ask for in prayer?

Have faith that God will deliver His will

8.) What did the chief priest and elders ask Jesus?

Who gave you the authority to do all of these things

9.) How did He answer them?

He asked them a question about John the Baptist that would trap them in their own evil thinking so they wouldn't answer Him