Questions for Thu, Dec 10th  (Heb 10)

Heb 10

1.) What is the law and what does this mean?

It was a shadow of the good things to come which was Jesus and the church.

2.) What is the failure of the old law?

The sacrifices could not make the worshippers perfect.

3.) How have we been made holy?

Through Jesus's sacrifice on the cross.

4.) What is the one sacrifice that our new high priest offered?

His own life on the cross

5.) Do we have to sacrifice anymore?

Only a living sacrifice of a well lived life.

6.) How can we enter the Most Holy Place?

Having our bodies washed with pure water through baptism

7.) In the old tabernacle what represented Jesus body and what happened during the crucifixion that this symbolism represented?

The veil was torn.

8.) What does it mean to "have our bodies washed with pure water"?

Being immersed in water as is often commanded in the New Testament.

9.) What should we do for each other and where is the best place do this?

Encourage one another in the church.

10.) What is the "Day" that is approaching?

A judgement day. We would consider it the end of time but for them it very well could have been the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

11.) What happens if we keep sinning over and over again?

There is no sacrifice for sins left.

12.) What is the most dreadful thing?

To be punished by God.

13.) What were some things that had happened to the Hebrews?

Many types of persecutions.