Questions for Fri, Dec 11th  (Heb 11)

Heb 11

1.) What is faith?

Being sure of what we hope for but can't see.

2.) What did Abel do by faith?

Offered a good sacrifice.

3.) What did Enoch do because of faith?

He walked with God and pleased Him.

4.) If we don't have faith what is it impossible to do?

It is impossible to please God.

5.) What did Noah do by faith?

Built an ark.

6.) What was Noah warned about that he had not seen?

Rain and a world wide flood.

7.) What did Abraham first do by faith?

Traveled to an unknown place.

8.) What kind of city was Abraham looking for?

A city made by God.

9.) What did Abraham do next by faith?

Had Isaac through Sarah.

10.) What kind of people is God not ashamed of?

People that sacrifice their own desires to follow God.

11.) What was the third thing that Abraham did through faith?

He followed God's command and tried to offer Isaac.

12.) What did Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses' parents, and Moses do through faith?

Verses 20-23.

13.) What big decision did Moses make?

He chose to be mistreated along with God's people rather than to remain in Pharaoh's household.

14.) What feast did Moses keep through faith?

The Passover.

15.) What happened by faith at the Red Sea?

The Children of Israel passed over on dry ground and the Egyptians were washed away.

16.) What happened by faith at Jericho?

The walls fell down and the children of Israel walked in.

17.) What did Rahab do by faith?

Hid the spies and saved her family.

18.) What did Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David and Samuel do through faith?

Verses 32-38.

19.) All of these people died before what happened?

The final judgement where we will receive our reward in heaven.