Questions for Sun, Dec 20th  (2 Jn & 3 Jn)

2 Jn & 3 Jn

1.) How does John address himself?

He addresses himself as "the elder".

2.) Who is the elect lady?

Some people speculate that it is an actual person. Others speculate that it is in reference to a congregation and he is writing from a sister congregation (see vs. 13).

3.) What gave John great joy?

That some of her children were walking in the truth.

4.) What are the teachings of the antichrist?

Those that do not acknowledge Christ.

5.) What did John want to do rather than write any more of the letter?

He wanted to visit them.

6.) Who is the chosen sister?

Either an actual sister or a sister congregation.

7.) To whom did John address this letter?

He wrote it to Gaius.

8.) What things gave John great joy?

To hear that people were walking in the truth.

9.) Who loved to be first in the church?


10.) Who was well spoken of by everyone?


11.) What did John hope to do soon?

He wants to visit.